A Zhende 啊真的 Oh Really?


My agenda in writing this blog is to give a wider audience an understanding of the goings on in China.

For others it is to have an ‘Oh really?’ moment, to learn something new or to be surprised by a new way of seeing something. Learning how to live in a different manner is the essential skill you learn when you choose to live away.

landscape of modern city ,beijing

Beijing, the capital of China, wasn’t on my world life map when I was younger. It wasn’t even on my mind to live here when I’d come back to China a second or even third China following a year in Shanghai, detailed in another blog.

Contrary to the above picture, I initially viewed the city as cold, vast, and smoggy. I’m happy that these thoughts have now subsided. I now believe it to be full of stories, communal and niche.

For me being planted here is a natural progression of jobs, mindsets and time. My motivation for staying is the pace, the lessons and the attitude.

So this is how Beijing ticks in my eyes….